What is CBD oil, and why do I see it everywhere?

Let's first look at why CBD is everywhere. CBD or cannabinoid is a new healthy trend for one reason, RELIEF. Scientists study it for its role in treating health issues. The top 7 are as follows: 

1. Pain

2. Anxiety and Depression

3. Alleviate cancer-related symptoms

4. Acne

5. Neuroprotective properties

6. Heart Health

7. Many other potential benefits, including antipsychotic effects, addiction and substance abuse, anti-tumor, and diabetes. 

All this relief, all-natural without the harmful side effects? CBD might sound too good to be true. 

The buzz around CBD isn't just hype, to the extent that many big retailers and marketing professionals are taking the CBD industry very seriously. The Farm Bill signed into law the legality of cultivating hemp (from which we extract CBD). The market has responded and quickly. CBD is working to provide relief to millions already. That's why we see CBD everywhere! Economic indicators suggest the demand for CBD will continue to skyrocket in the next five years. 


CBD will not get you "high."

CBD is one of over 100 chemical compounds known as cannabinoids found in cannabis or marijuana plant. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the primary psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis and causes the sensation of getting “high” that’s often associated with marijuana. However, unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive. Now the FTC has allowed for CBD to contain .3% THC. Don't worry, this is a trace amount of THC, low enough that it won't show up on any tests, and studies strongly suggest this tiny amount of THC is what activates the incredible potential of CBD. 



You can still experience the benefits of CBD, but there is a lot of garbage CBD out there! Be careful, buying the inexpensive CBD bottle at your convenient store won't deliver the results you are seeking!

Our line, NhancedCBD, has been distilled and stripped of filler compounds but maintains a full spectrum of CBD compounds. The diversity in phytonutrient makeup creates cohesion and synergy between the compounds. NhancedCBD is diluted with MCT oil and delivers 500mg of CBD each use (30 day supply per unit)

1. CBD Oil

2. CBD Cream

3. CBD Roll-On (for sore muscles, etc.)


NONI + CBD is looking very exciting!

When the FDA clarifies CBD related regulations, we will be launching a Noni + CBD version of Original Tahitian Noni Juice! Noni and CBD work very similarly, and when ingested together, our preliminary results and astonishing, synergistically enhancing all the benefits each Noni and CBD each offer. 

More on that soon! 

My testimonial

I have been drinking Noni for almost 20 years. The primary benefit I feel is with my allergies. I have had allergies my whole life, injections twice weekly as a child, followed by mind-numbing (and mood-killing) capsules to minimal relief. Drinking noni has balanced my immune system incredibly, hay fever is at a minimum, breathing improved, and most importantly, none of the adverse medication side effects. Along with allergy relief, I feel the energy, recovery from working out, and circulation and heart health. I could go on and on about the benefits of NONI!



And with all of that Noni benefit, CBD has still blown me away! I have been using NhancedCBD for over two months now. The MOST impressive result I have felt is my overall mood has improved, a lot! This is a big deal. I struggle with ups and downs as most do. But to me, I am down too often for most of my life (probably because of all the allergy medication I endured as a kid all through my developing years!!!). CBD has taken me to a higher level of general satisfaction and well-being. Life feels more meaningful, more steady, and, most importantly, I am more productive. It has been REMARKABLE! Now, I ingest it with my Noni (the tincture is food grade, BUT I DO NOT RECOMMEND you to do this, this is just what I do!). Every morning, CBD has become part of my routine, and I love what it is doing for me. I am very active, work out, work a ton, and have small children to keep up with, to have the quality of life is up like this is a blessing! 



Now, if you are still reading this, THANK YOU! As a reward, please message me for a FREE SAMPLE of our CBD products.

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