Benefits of Noni



What Are A.G.E.'s?

A.G.E.'s or Advanced Glycation End-products are harmful compounds that form when excess sugar and protein bind together in the body, a process known as "glycation." Too much sugar in the body lead to an unhealthy accumulation A.G.E.'s, resulting in negative health and premature aging. Click here for the science on A.G.E.'s

A.G.E.'s negatively affect the following:

  • Kidney Health
  • Memory Function
  • Blood Sugar
  • Vision
  • Heart Health
  • Degenerative Diseases

    Iridoids in Noni Reduce A.G.E.s

    Iridoids are phytochemicals made by plants to defend against infection and other outside threats. Iridoids are found in most medicinal plants, but are not common in fruits and vegetables. No other medicinal plant to date has been found to have more iridoids than Noni!

    Efficacy of iridoids use in humans is well documented. Many scientists and clinical studies prove iridoids provide extensive pharmacological bioactivity, including the reduction of A.G.E.'s. This clinical trial shows how noni reduces A.G.E.s.

    Iridoids can help you if:

  • You want to reduce your A.G.E.'s
  • You don't eat as well as you should
  • You don't exercise regularly
  • You are overweight or obese
  • You have health concerns
  • You need more energy and endurance
  • You have added stressors in your life
  • You are trying to live a younger healthier life

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