A healthy you begins on a cellular level. Healthy, normal cellular function is critical to keeping your immune system in good shape. The problem is that our cells are often under attack from various toxic environmental threats and exposures, such as air pollution, radiation, and free radical oxidative damage. Such worrisome threats and exposures can affect how our cells function and communicate with each other, i.e. cell signaling. Simply said, poor cell function can seriously affect our wellbeing and compromise normal immune function.

That's why we developed 'NHANCED Cell Defense, in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Defense and NASA (wow!). 'NHANCED Cell Defense is a proprietary daily micronutrient supplement designed to protect your cells and support healthy cellular function. Even more, this patent-pending formula is backed fully by the NewAge Health Sciences Division.

Dr. Gerald Haase, NewAge Chief Medical Officer and founding member of the NewAge Health Sciences Division, was instrumental in the development of this product, and he has seen some incredible things during his research.

"Everything in our body is made up of cells," Haase said. "There are skin cells, brain cells, blood cells, liver, kidney and lung cells and much more. So the protection of our cells should be a top priority, and healthy cell function is the very foundation of good health."

Haase continued, "Cell Defense is a daily micronutrient supplement scientifically formulated to protect human DNA, reduce oxidative stress, boost the immune system and shield your body from environmental damage."

Well, consider us sold. In addition to our Tahitian Noni Juice, it's evident that 'NHANCED Cell Defense is a must-have. We recommend incorporating both in your daily regimen to keep your immune system happy and healthy. Click here to purchase 'NHANCED Cell Defense today.
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